C.D.J. also known as Chyke David Jones “ The Godfather” - With a career that’s spanned the best part of a decade, C.D.J. is one of the most easily recognisable characters in Vienna’s urban music scene. Blessed with a smooth voice and making full use of his story telling abilities, this "cool cat" with that special something creates his unique blend of music. He is influenced by hip-hop, garage, house, and electro music. The music, just like the lyrics, is dedicated to different themes, ideas and experiences of the artist. 


Born in Tokyo and raised on three different continents, as a solo artist he has performed as a rapper, singer, producer, dancer and DJ and worked with the likes of Jocelyn Brown, Mark Berry, Lorenzo Aldino, and Roland Hackl among others. He has released a critically acclaimed album, "Ready for the Rev," two more EP's, and the song "the Buzz” was a favourite on FM4 radio.


The man has gone on to feature plenty with the likes of Hubert Tubbs and others plus rejuvenating his solo career with stellar releases like ‘hungry 4 your luv’, thought  provoking lyrics, carving a niche for himself when it comes to Hip hop/soul  infused house and intricate  arrangements where rolling basslines provide perfect soundtracks for his distinctive style. The artist wants to inspire others with his music so that they rip themselves out of the daily monotony of their lives and suddenly find themselves on the dance floor.



Genres: Hip Hop, Electro, House, drum and bass, dance pop, acid house, rave, trance, etc.


Occupations:  Singer-songwriter, Rapper/MC and Record Producer